The S-Factor Grand Finale

27th  May 2016

In the festival atmosphere of the international festival Play with me, which has for its 10th anniversary moved to Bela Krajina, an international project Video S-Factor for 2016, whose initiator and organizer is the elementary school Milka Šobar – Nataše, has completed. The project includes performing arts and short videos with the intension to promote the inclusion of young people with special needs. A whole of 10 schools for children with special needs from Slovenia and 6 institutions for persons with special needs abroad, have participated in the project.

The busy morning, with 16 different workshops for children with special needs to socialize, students from elementary schools in Bela krajina, high school students, teachers, retirees and other visitors, enjoyed the final event of the project Video S-Factor 2016. The jury, consisted of Maja Weiss, Jaka Pucihar, Gregor Pečan, Zmago Šmon and Alenka Vrlinič, has, among the three finalists in each category, announced the winners. The best short video in the category of Slovenian videos:

  1. Zrcalce (Mirror) (III. Elementary School Slovenj Gradec)
  2. AROUND THE WORLD (Elementary School Mihajlo Rostohar Krško)
  3.   Nam srce razbija (Our hearts pounding) (II Elementary School Žalec)

In the international category:

  1. Sunce je gore na nebu (The sun is in the sky) (JU Zavod za obrazovanje osoba sa smetnjama u psihičkom i tjelesnom razvoju Tuzla, BiH)
  2. TIGAR (The tiger) (Centat za odgoj I obrazovanje djece i mladeži Karlovac, Croatia)
  3. ODRASTANJE (Growing up) (Šoso “Ivo Lola Ribar”, Kraljevo, Serbia)

For the preparation and execution of the Festival Play with me, and the final event Video S-Factor in 2016 we wish to thank: Cultural Center Semič TIC Semič, Andrej Kunič, Sašo Riznič, Association of Pensioners Semič, Society Belokranjsko gobarsko društvo, Primary School Belokranjskega odreda Semič, Society Sožitje (Harmony) Bela Krajina, volunteers from the club Students of Bela krajina and the youth center BIT Črnomelj, students of secondary school Srednja šola Črnomelj and students of special and rehabilitation pedagogy.

The project was financially supported by: Kolpa Adventures (Tine & amp; Co.), Radenci, company Čaplja d.o.o., Ljubno ob Savinji, the guesthouse Kapušin Krasinec, Restaurant Pezdirc Semič, Winegrowers Association Metlika, Viticulture and Enology Pečarič Martin Čurile, Graphic Services Robert Glazer s.p., Gradac.

To all the participants, volunteers and supporters we are very grateful for all the help to create this beautiful and unique event, which joined people of different generations, nationalities and abilities, and has demolished stereotypes about diversity. izjave-tv- porocila/174407758 se-z- manoq.html

Vlasta Lah


Photos by Jan Kocjan