Mesečni arhiv: junij 2015

S-Factor Final Event

Our school is taking part in an international project S-Factor.

On Tuesday, the 23rd of June 2015, we prepared an event at the Secondary School Črnomelj, to present the S-Factor project to the public.

The event was hosted and enriched with music by a singer-songwriter Erika Kralj. After the S-Factor introduction video, Matjaž Barič, the head teacher of Milke Šobar-Nataše Elementary School, welcomed the guests. The two mentors, Vlasta Lah and Ajda Skrbinšek, then shared some of their impressions from their S-Factor course in London on how to make a video.

Competitive part of the event followed, with the presentation of videos coming from six European countries. Without a doubt, our two videos received the biggest applause, a confirmation to the mentors for a job well done.

For the competitive part of the event, two juries were gathered. In the first jury there was the major of Črnomelj, Mojca Čemas Stjepanovič, head teacher of the Secondary School Črnomelj, Elizabeta Prus, journalist from our local TV station Vaš kanal, Verica Marušič, president of the jouth centre Bit Črnomelj, Klemen Vitkovič, chairman of the board of an insurance company Tilia, Andrej Kavšek, musician, Rober Strmec, film-maker, Uroš Raztresen, printer, Rober Glaser as well as two representatives from the parents board, Branka Joh and Roman Košmerl. The second jury consisted of Secondary School students, children from the Working centre VDC Črnomelj and children from our school.

The jury members looked at the videos very carefully and accordingly to the rules, voted for the best three videos.

Through video conference, we welcomed other project members from England and Greece. We also learned the results of the vote in England.

The best three videos will be presented at the main S-Factor event on the 9th of July in Sheffield, England.

We hope our two videos make it to the final.

You can see all the videos and vote for the best three until Friday, the 26th of June 2015,

Translated by: Jožica Lah

American Marines and Slovene Soldiers Painted Smiles

Each day surprises us with a different colour palette

American Marines and Slovene Soldiers Painted Smiles

On Friday, the 29th of May, 2015, our school hosted some very important guests:

-U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Slovenia, Ambassador Brent R. Hartley and his wife,

-Defence Attaché Lieutenant Colonel Todd A. Scattini,

-Marines from The Embassy of the United States Ljubljana,

-U.S. Navy sailors from the USS Sampson Battleship and

-Slovene Soldiers from Koper and Novo mesto.

The morning started with a welcome and a short cultural programme prepared by the children. The American and Slovene soldiers were then joined to different workshops.

Slovene soldiers and two marine helped our pupils to paint two of our many classrooms. They worked extremely hard and fast. The children had a lot of fun with them.

The parking area in front of the school was painted with colour for concrete. The grey escarpment was painted with many different patterns and themes; like animals, numbers, letters etc. The children helped the navy sailors to learn the names of Slovene numbers from 0 to 10.

Another workshop was making Slovene and American flags out of paper and wodden plates. They were also making a mosaic out of ceramic plates. As it shows, our children were much more skilled for that.

The soldiers also mowed the school lawn and helped with the gardening. The school has a new addition to the garden, which will be used for planting herbs.

Slovene soldiers built a small range for the pupils to try on and test their motor skills. Later in the day was a football match among the American soldiers and our pupil took place. Our pupils won.

Our teachers and children baked over 200 pancakes to treat the hardworking soldiers.

Our day together ended by the friendship bench that was set up for his occasion. The firefighters from Črnomelj joined us as guest as well. The soldiers and sailor were presented with small gifts from our pupils. The navy soldiers brought gifts for our children to, a cap with the symbol of the USS Simpson battleship.

It’s nice to have the power and the strength to brighten someone’s day and not to expect anything in return but gratitude. Your visit has painted so many happy and smiling faces.

We will always remember your visit.

A special thanks to the firefighters from Črnomelj, which helped with the organizing and planning.

Elementary School Milka Šobar- Nataša and its employees