IMPRESSIONS FROM SEMIč S-Factor and Play with me festivals

On May 23, around 700 visitors of two large festivals, for students with special needs and their peers from Slovenia and abroad, attended the seminar in KC Semič. For many years the organizer of both festivals has been Milka Šobar – Nataše Elementary School from Črnomelj.

The international festival of videos, S-Factor 2019, joined 16 elementary schools with a special needs program from Slovenia and abroad. Short music videos featuring pupils with special needs and their peers from kindergartens and elementary schools are a unique way to promote inclusion and to demonstrate the ability and creativity of children with special needs. This year’s videos were seen by more than 30,000 people online and videos from the past seasons have over 80,000 views. You are invited to watch them again, HERE’s the link.

We have invited schools, kindergartens, organizations, and other institutions from ​​Bela Krajina to participate in the Play with me festival, which aims to socialize through play, sports and creativity. 170 children with special needs from different parts of Slovenia and abroad, more than 350 of their peers from Bela Krajina kindergartens and elementary schools, over 100 teachers, educators and volunteers, mentors and other visitors to the festival, were socializing and breaking stereotypes about disabilities in 20 workshops.

Now, we present the visitors impressions gathered by pupils of the 6th and 7th grade as well as a short video from the closing event.

Impressions S-Factor 2019

Video final event

On the link below, you may find your photo if you joined the foto-workshop.