The Independence Day of Brazil

On Tuesday, September 7 th , 2021, the Brazilian Ambassador, His Excellency Renato Mosca
de Souza, organized a celebration at the National Gallery in Ljubljana, to commemorate the
Brazilian Independence Day. Representatives of the Milke Šobar – Nataše Primary School
were also invited. The speaker at the event was also our longtime friend and benefactor, Mr.
Andrej Sever and it was he who initiated the ambassador's visit to our schools two years ago. All of us, fondly remember his visit to our school, as the Ambassador presented us with a computer and books from Brazilian authors.

The event on Tuesday was a great opportunity to meet new friends. The Brazilian Embassy
donated to the guests of the event a bilingual picture book by Peter Ilgo.

His Excellency, we wish you much success and all the best in faraway Canada!