We made new friends among our peers from the southeast of Poland, who joined the project together with their parents and volunteers. The project managers prepared a varied and entertaining program under the title Time machine for everybody.

At the workshops, we got to know each other better, got a secret friend, thought about our dreams for the future and made a time capsule, where at the end of the project, we put our crafts, which represented our heart’s desires. We organized a Slovenian evening, where we presented Slovenia to our Polish friends; we danced the polka dance, the waltz and kolo (another traditional Slovene dance) and enjoyed in the traditional Slovenian food like the walnut potica, flatbread pogača, Carniolan sausage and chocolate Gorenjka. The Poles also introduced their country; what we liked the most was when they showed us how they celebrate their birthday in Poland and have a picnic outside with a barbecue. We found the trips in the area interesting: a tour of the world-famous ski jumps, a train ride from the Gubalowka viewpoint to Zakopane, exploring the town and buying souvenirs at the stalls, bathing in the Bukowina Tatrzańska thermal baths, and hiking to Rusinowa Polana, from where there is a wonderful view of the Tatras.

Our stay in Poland was full of new experiences and adventure as well as new friendships.

Nevertheless, as we happily returned home, we could all agree that everywhere is beautiful, but there is no place like home.