Vsi prispevki, ki jih je objavil/a Tina Č.

Au revoir France, hello Slovenia!

On 22 November 2019, in the vicinity of Toulouse, France, an international project Erasmus + Dance Your Ability came to an end. Elementary School Milke Šobar – Nataše Črnomelj and schools from 8 other countries participated in an 11 daylong conference, in which the participants tried out different methods of dance therapy and learned the theory behind of all the different techniques. They also got to know the dishes, the dance culture of the participating country and the organizations they represent. Spending time and socializing with a blind participant and her guide dog gave everyone present an insight into the lives of the blind and the ways they adapt to an unfamiliar environment. During the conference a number of genuine friendships formed that we hope will further be upgraded with new international projects and student exchange.

Badminton National Championship

On Thursday, November 7, 2019, our school organized a national badminton championship for elementary schools for children with special needs for the tenth consecutive year. The competition took place at the sports halls of the High School Črnomelj. It was attended by 26 competitors from nine Slovenian elementary schools. The opening ceremony started with the Slovenian national anthem sung by one of our students, Roberta Hudak. The programme also included a number from the school choir and a vocal group DEVOJKE, composed of our school’s teachers. The head teacher of Milka Šobar Elementary School – Nataše, Matjaž Barič and deputy mayor of the municipality, Dubravko Cengija, welcomed everybody and officially opened the competition.


  1. Edonis Kabashi (Center Janeza Levca – OŠ Levstikov trg)
  2. Antonio Trajanovski (CUEV Strunjan)
  3. Bleron Berisha (CVIU Velenje)

Team results:

  1. CUEV Strunjan
  2. CVIU Velenje
  3. Center Janeza Levca

In parallel with the national competition, we also organized a traditional international competition, attended by schools from Tuzla (BiH), Niš (Serbia), Kotor (Montenegro), Varaždin (Croatia) and our school.

1. Resursni centar za sluh i govor – Kotor
2. Specialna škola sa domom učenika “Bubanj” – Niš
3. Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Tomislav Špoljar – Varaždin


Medals, trophies in practical awards were presented by a representative of the Sport Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Boštjan Vintar

In addition, a special thank you to the sponsors in the donors who helped us execute the contest:

Krka, d. d., Novo mesto, A-SPRINT d.o.o., Kmečka hiša Bahor, RIC Bela Krajina, EKO-TERA, TERME KRKA, d. o. o., Novo mesto


On Thursday, September 19th 2019,  students of Milke Šobar – Nataše Elementary School planted friendship trees in a small hill Griček, as part of a global event ONE TREE PLANTING DAY, making a green ring around the Earth in 24 hours.

Trees symbolize hope and the continuation of life. The event joins thousands of children from all over the world that share a common concern for the environment.

Together with the mayor of the Črnomelj municipality, Andrej Kavšek, a representative of the company Komunala Črnomelj Damjan Žunič and the representative of the Parents Council Jože Vrščaj, we planted 3 new maple trees that will trim the green point of Črnomelj – the hill Griček.

IMPRESSIONS FROM SEMIč S-Factor and Play with me festivals

On May 23, around 700 visitors of two large festivals, for students with special needs and their peers from Slovenia and abroad, attended the seminar in KC Semič. For many years the organizer of both festivals has been Milka Šobar – Nataše Elementary School from Črnomelj.

The international festival of videos, S-Factor 2019, joined 16 elementary schools with a special needs program from Slovenia and abroad. Short music videos featuring pupils with special needs and their peers from kindergartens and elementary schools are a unique way to promote inclusion and to demonstrate the ability and creativity of children with special needs. This year’s videos were seen by more than 30,000 people online and videos from the past seasons have over 80,000 views. You are invited to watch them again, HERE’s the link.

We have invited schools, kindergartens, organizations, and other institutions from ​​Bela Krajina to participate in the Play with me festival, which aims to socialize through play, sports and creativity. 170 children with special needs from different parts of Slovenia and abroad, more than 350 of their peers from Bela Krajina kindergartens and elementary schools, over 100 teachers, educators and volunteers, mentors and other visitors to the festival, were socializing and breaking stereotypes about disabilities in 20 workshops.

Now, we present the visitors impressions gathered by pupils of the 6th and 7th grade as well as a short video from the closing event.

Impressions S-Factor 2019

Video final event

On the link below, you may find your photo if you joined the foto-workshop.



On May 23, 2019, more than 700 participants from different parts of Slovenia and abroad gathered in Semič at a final event of the International Video Festival S-Factor 2019, which is for the third time, organized by the Milka Šobar – Nataša Elementary School, Črnomelj. This year, the festival joined 11 Slovenian and 5 foreign schools.

In the morning, pupils with special needs, pupils of regular elementary schools and kindergartens, pensioners and volunteers of all generations have socialized in the 20 creative and sports workshops of the “Play with me” festival.

At the final event of the S-Factor festival, we announced the best videos and awarded special prizes. The winner is Tretja OŠ Slovenj Gradec with the video SONCE ZA VSE – SUN FOR ALL. Special prizes for the most inclusive, the sunniest and most educated video was also awarded. We thank the host, Robert Erjavec, for the unforgettable and heart-warming running of the event.

Sincerely thank you to all the participants, visitors, followers, volunteers, sponsors and donors, who once again proved that you have that S-Factor!

In the preparation and implementation of the festival Play with me, we thank: Sožitje Bela krajina, KUD Božo Račič, Krajinski park Kolpa, Center za krepitev zdravja, Zdravstveni dom Črnomelj, Vrtec Metlika, Osnovna šola Metlika, Varstveno delovni center Črnomelj, enoti Črnomelj in Vinica, Društvo upokojencev Črnomelj, Osnovna šola Loka, Podružnična šola Adlešiči, Osnovna šola Stari trg ob Kolpi, Prostovoljno gasilsko društvo Črnomelj, Klub Belokranjskih študentov, KUD Notarima, TIC Črnomelj, TIC Semič in Kulturni center Semič.

The final event was financially and materially supported by: Marinko Filipović Montagearbeiten, Rotary klub Semič – Bela krajina, A-Sprint Storitve, Prevozi In Trgovina, d.o.o., Kograd gradbeništvo d.o.o., Pangra gradbeništvo in storitve d.o.o., Medic sistemi d.o.o., Kambič laboratorijska oprema d.o.o., Zales proizvodnja in trgovina z lesom in lesnimi izdelki d.o.o. Zapudje, Agm Starešinič d.o.o., Avto Bukovec avtokleparstvo in avtoličarstvo d.o.o., Bar Odeon Cafe, Montaže in ostale storitve Peter Videtič s. p., Colibri servis in trgovina Joh Bojan s.p., Toki proizvodnja in servis d.o.o., Slaščičarna »Metro 2«, Rustemi Ačim, Alfa bar, Boris Šunjerga s.p., Kmetijska Zadruga Metlika Z.O.O., Društvo vinogradnikov Metlika, Janez Stopar, Skupina Don Don, Bar pri Pavliču, Občina Semič, Občina Črnomelj, Klas bar, Monika Mravinec, s.p., Commex Service Group Storitve In Trgovina d.o.o., Veterani Rokometnega kluba Črnomelj.

The “Play with me” and “S-Factor” festival are a part of the activities of the Centre for professional assistance and support for children and youth with special needs and their families, co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union and the European Social Fund.