About school

Elementary School OŠ Milke Šobar-Nataše Črnomelj

The main founder of the public educational institution Milke Šobar-Nataše Elementary School in Črnomelj is the Municipality of Črnomelj.

The School is located at the foot of a small hill in the centre of Črnomelj. It was named after a woman Partisan Second World War hero Milka Šobar-Nataša. It was built in 1970.

The school is founded for children with special needs – mild, moderate and severe mental disorder and motor dysfunction, in the Bela krajina region.

The school carries out following programmes:

  • special needs adapted programmes with lower educational standards,
  • special educational programmes.

Elementary School Milke Šobar- Nataše also offers:

  • additional individualized educational help at other public schools and
  • speech and language therapy for all children in the Bela krajina area. 


Special educational programme with lower educational standards

  • Less children in the classrooms.
  • Teachers prepare individualized programme for each student separately.
  • Curriculum is less demanding, more time is planned for repetition of the learned knowledge.
  •  Children are taught by special educational and rehabilitation teachers.
  • The emphasis is on subjects improving children’s working skills.
  • After finishing the programme children can continue their vocational education and training within the national joint application system.


Special educational programmes

  • The curriculum is different from most elementary schools.
  • School subjects like art class, music, sports and other elective courses  help building pupils confidence, broaden general knowledge and develop better working skills…
  • Children are taught by special educational and rehabilitation teachers.
  • Teachers prepare individualized programme for each student separately.
  • Pupils with severe disabilities are being attended by specialized employees.
  • School also offers summer day care.
  • Pupils can attend these programmes until they reach the age of 21(even then they have the option to continue the programme), after the age of 18 they are entitled to receive disability allowance.
  • After pupils finish the programme, they can integrate in independent living centres.


Specialized mobile pedagogical service

  • Special educational support is offered in all elementary schools and kindergartens.
  • It is aimed at pupils with special needs (pupils that have difficulties with learning, speech problems, emotional or bad behaviour problems..)
  • Specialized mobile teachers help pupils with their studies and advise other teachers and parents.
  • Specialized mobile pedagogical service is carried out by specialized teachers and speech therapists.