Badminton National Championship

On Thursday, November 7, 2019, our school organized a national badminton championship for elementary schools for children with special needs for the tenth consecutive year. The competition took place at the sports halls of the High School Črnomelj. It was attended by 26 competitors from nine Slovenian elementary schools. The opening ceremony started with the Slovenian national anthem sung by one of our students, Roberta Hudak. The programme also included a number from the school choir and a vocal group DEVOJKE, composed of our school’s teachers. The head teacher of Milka Šobar Elementary School – Nataše, Matjaž Barič and deputy mayor of the municipality, Dubravko Cengija, welcomed everybody and officially opened the competition.


  1. Edonis Kabashi (Center Janeza Levca – OŠ Levstikov trg)
  2. Antonio Trajanovski (CUEV Strunjan)
  3. Bleron Berisha (CVIU Velenje)

Team results:

  1. CUEV Strunjan
  2. CVIU Velenje
  3. Center Janeza Levca

In parallel with the national competition, we also organized a traditional international competition, attended by schools from Tuzla (BiH), Niš (Serbia), Kotor (Montenegro), Varaždin (Croatia) and our school.

1. Resursni centar za sluh i govor – Kotor
2. Specialna škola sa domom učenika “Bubanj” – Niš
3. Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Tomislav Špoljar – Varaždin


Medals, trophies in practical awards were presented by a representative of the Sport Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Boštjan Vintar

In addition, a special thank you to the sponsors in the donors who helped us execute the contest:

Krka, d. d., Novo mesto, A-SPRINT d.o.o., Kmečka hiša Bahor, RIC Bela Krajina, EKO-TERA, TERME KRKA, d. o. o., Novo mesto