On Wednesday, 11 February 2015, Elementary School OŠ Milke Šobar- Nataše opened its doors to visitors eager to enjoy in our company and the company of excellent musicians.
We named the open day Playful World of Instruments with a reason. The day started with introducing the instruments and its major categories. We listened to their different sounds as they were played on by young musicians and teachers from music school Glasbena šola Črnomelj.
Students, teachers and visitors had the opportunity to join a variety of different musical workshops. They could join a cajon drumming workshop lead by an excellent mentor Jaka Strajnar. (A cajon is a wooden box used as a drum and is played with hands.) Others could attend tamburitza workshops under the supervision of Tone Grahek and Jure Matkovič or Jože Starešinič and Tomaž Ivanušič. Fun and cheerful was at the accordion workshop led by Miro Dizdarević and Vesna Marter. Jan Gašperič showed us and played on the new school bass guitar. And Erika Kralj, who played the acoustic guitar. Students could try to play on all instruments for themselves and they had a lot of fun doing it.
In some workshops students could make their own simple musical instruments like wooden scrapers, different bumbass and rattling instruments as well as simple drum like instruments.
The day ended with a short programme that was created with the help of invited musicians and mentors. We played the instruments, we sang songs and had an excellent time. 

Translated by: Jožica Lah